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You Can Own Your Own Plug

Designed with You in Mind

Extensive Training

Everyone goes thru an extensive training of our business model. 

Training is broken down into 4 phases:

1. Craft side. We will train you in all aspects of printing (Photoshop, Screenprint,Cad/DTG, Pic Vinyl, Vinyl, Rhinestones Embroidery,Sublimation)

2. Management Training- You will learn how to manage a workforce as well as pricing, scheduling and payroll.

3. Advertising/Marketing- You will learn how to target market and build accounts/online stores utilizing our marketing team

4. Administrative- You will learn book keeping, accounting, sales tax, payroll, accounts receivables and payables. 

Our Network

You will have full access to our network which includes:

- Book Keeping/Accounting Services

- Supply Chain for all apparel, vinyl, supplies, etc.

- Marketing team

- Sales Team

- Peer to Peer outsourcing

Existing Stores

You can even have an opportunity to purchase one of our existing stores that are already profitable and full of existing accounts. 

Our Business Model

You will get our business model which includes the Path to Black. Every store has opened in the Black before the first month was over. With our processes, procedures, network connections, we can have you operating in the Black after only a couple of weeks. 

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